Small Plates

grilled bread

green pea "hummus"

flash cooked brussels sprouts

skillet roasted cauliflower

breadworks country french bread


"hot dates"

salmon potato croquettes

warmed burrata

grilled avocado




warm roasted organic beets

red onion, herb oil, orange, almonds, haystack chevre $10

organic mixed greens

slivered gala apples, celery, toasted walnuts, chevré, cider vinaigrette $10

the kale salad

toasted quinoa, roasted pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, manchego, red onion, sherry vinaigrette $9

proper plates

steamed mussels

gold potato gnocchi

panroasted garlic rosemary chicken

cedar plank organic salmon

grilled smoked berkshire pork loin

shrimp & grits


the salmon sandwich

the original, horseradish aioli, red onion marmalade $12

colorado beef burger

house pickles, roasted garlic aioli $10

...add green chile, good cheddar, blue cheese, extra aioli .50ea ...add tender belly bacon, sautéed mushrooms grilled onions, fried egg $1 ea ...add avocado $3